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Head Start Support Letters

It is a turbulent time in Washington, DC. Right now Congress is working toward a budget for FY2012, and while Head Start has support in some corners it is critical that we make clear that the people of every community and every voting district in America support Head Start/Early Head Start and the services that they provide to children and families in need.

We at NHSA have seen the effectiveness of bringing voices together to broadcast a simple but important message to Congress: Head Start works and people in communities value it. Today, as budget negotiations continue, NHSA is working to demonstrate support for Head Start from the Business and Faith communities.

Click here to electronically sign the business community letter.

Click here electronically sign the faith community letter.

Please send electronic links to the letters or printable copies of our business and faith letters to members of your board, community volunteers, partners, and friends asking them to sign on and to spread the word about this to others. And don't forget to urge your staff and parents to take the letters to their pastors and to local businesses they frequent.

A printable Business Community letter can be downloaded here.

A printable Faith Community support letter can be downloaded here.

We will deliver the letters and signatures to Members of Congress later this year.

NHSA continues to seek every method available to help our members be heard during this challenging time; we ask only that you take the time to raise your voice!