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Dollar Per Child Q&A

I work for Head Start Am I allowed to fundraise for DPC?

Yes! You are allowed to fundraise as long as it is not during your work hours and not using Head Start program resources.


How can I get started with a Dollar per Child fundraiser?

Getting started with a Dollar per Child fundraiser is made easy with our Dollar per Child Toolkit! Download this toolkit and it will walk you through step by step on how to hold your first fundraiser. It contains information ranging from fundraising ideas and flyers to post around your community to how to organize your fundraiser and set fundraising goals.


What type of fundraisers can we host?

Some programs enjoy holding car washes and bake sales while others participate in “feed the pig”. You can find a list of fundraising ideas, instructions and flyers in our Dollar per Child Toolkit.


Can Staff help with the Dollar per Child fundraisers?

Absolutely, programs and staff can participate as long as staff members are volunteering their time after program hours of operation. Don’t forget, if you need additional volunteers, you can reach out to your local high school or university.


What program resources can I use to for my DPC fundraisers?

No Head Start resources (e.g., facilities, equipment, etc.) can be used at any time, including when the Head Start program is closed. A noted exception is the de minimus use of office equipment to tabulate, record and track the donations by staff during non-working hours.


How do we keep track of the funds we raise for Dollar Per Child?

Individual programs may keep track of funds acquired by Dollar per Child Campaign activities as long as they are put into an unrestricted budget account and ensured they are sent as contributions for advocacy. They may not be co-mingled with restricted federal funds.

If you prefer, you may send them directly to:

National Head Start Association
Attention: Dollar Per Child Campaign Coordinator
P.O. Box 759400
Baltimore, MD 21275-9400

I have been raising funds for Dollar per Child. How can I see how much my state has raised?

The Dollar per Child Leaderboard is updated every month to show you which states and regions have raised the most!