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Need Books? Five Things Every Head Start Should Know

  1. Having books to read – at home and in the classroom – is the number one predictor of reading success.
  2. NHSA is partnering with First Book ( to help all Head Start centers gain access to high-quality, free and low-cost new books.
  3. As an NHSA member, you can sign up with First Book for FREE online at
  4. Head Start programs can shop online at the First Book Marketplace ( to select from thousands of award-winning and high-quality new books at 50-90% below retail price.
  5. The First Book National Book Bank distributes millions of brand-new, free books every year to Head Start centers and other programs serving kids in need. Want more great news? Head Start restricted federal funds can be used to cover the shipping and handling fees of these free books and resources [Head Start Standards 1304.3 (5)].
That’s right – it’s that easy! Get access to the resources your kids need by signing up for free today at

Want more information on what First Book can do for your Head Start program? Join us for a fun and interactive webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 11th 2:00-2:30PM EST or Friday, Dec. 14th 11:00-11:30AM EST (click on your preferred date to sign up).