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Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

Signed Congressional Letters


As a part of our continuing effort to secure funding for Head Start and Early Head Start for fiscal year 2014, NHSA collaborated with Senator Al Franken (D, MN) and Representative Loretta Sanchez (D, CA 47th) to send letters to the Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies of the House of Representatives, and the Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services, and Education of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, respectively. Senator Franken’s letter was cosigned by 27 senators; Representative Sanchez’s letter was cosigned by 75 representatives. The letters called for Congress to continue supporting the future of Head Start and Early Head Start.  We are excited to have so many Head Start Champions!

If one or more of your Members of Congress signed one of these letters, send them a thank you note, email or tweet to thank them for their support.


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Example Email


Dear (Senator/Representative):

I just wanted to send a note of thanks, on behalf of the Head Start children and families in (PLACE), for your support! It means so much to us that you joined your colleagues on a letter advocating full funding for Head Start and Early Head Start in Fiscal Year 2014. We’re grateful for your leadership.




Example Facebook Post


HOUSE: Many thanks to Representative (NAME) from (AREA HS/EHS) for co-signing this letter ( in support of Head Start funding in FY14! XX children and families are served by Head Start in (TOWN), and we’re all grateful for your leadership!

SENATE: Sen. (NAME), thank you for expressing your support for funding HS/EHS in FY14 - (STATE)’s at-risk children and families will benefit greatly from this investment! (


Example Tweet


Dear (Senator/Representative):

(Your Program) HS thanks @(your Member of Congress’ twitter) for supporting funding for HS/EHS in FY14! (House) or (Senate)