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Sequester In The Media

Since March 1st, 2013, when the federal sequester went into effect, Head Start and Early Head Start programs across the country have been working to implement funding cuts in ways that minimize disruption to children and preserve high quality services.

Below are some of the stories that have appeared in the meda about how the cuts are affecting local communities.


National Press


The New York Times - Stories of Struggle and Creativity as Sequestration Cuts Hit Home

Washington Post -Sequestration hits Hispanic families hard

The Atlantic -The Sequester's Devastating Impact on America's Poor

Huffington Post - Head Start Programs Gutted by Sequestration Cuts

The Atlantic - The Worst Victims of the Education Sequester: Special-Needs Students and Poor Kids

NPR - Sequester Slams Head Start Programs

MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews - Head Start Cust Hurt Youngest Americans

Think Progress - Low-Income Kids Are Being Kicked Out Of Their Preschool Programs Thanks To Sequestration

Think Progress - Sequestration Devastates Education Programs, But Congress Fails to Notice

Time Magazine - The Case for Saving Head Start

Jezebel - Sequester Forces Lottery Drawings To Kick Kids Out of Head Start Programs

Washington Post - Sequester not an imaginary concept

Bloomberg - Furlough Reversal for FAA Leaves Child Health Cuts in Place

Bloomberg News - Parents Losing Jobs a Hidden Cost to Head Start Cuts

CNN Money - Preschoolers to Discover What Budget Cuts Mean

ProPublica - Everything We Know About What's Happened Under Sequestration

Education Week- Head Start Centers Feeling 'Sequester' Pain





Maddow Blog - Sequestration Continues to takes its Toll

Aspen Ascend Blog - Stroll in for Head Start!

Huffington Post - Children Need to Fly Too: End Sequestration

Huffington Post - This FAA Sequester Vote Doesn't Smell Right

Huffington Post - Sequestration: Devastating to Kids



State Press



Head Start scaling back due to federal sequestration

Budget cuts threaten head start programs



Fayetteville Head Start to Close Due to Sequester Cuts

Sequestration Impacts Tlingit & Haida Head Start

Federal budget cuts hit Head Start



Budget woes hit Head Start

Head Start announces cuts in Washington County

Fayetteville Head Start Center Closes; Sequestration Blamed

Head Start Feeling Cuts

Woman Raises Money for Benton County Head Start

Federal Budget Cuts Lop Days From Head Start Programs

Head Start budget cuts announced



Arizona Educators Brace For Cuts In Federal Head Start Funds

Budget Cuts Would Affect Local Head Start Program

Sequester cuts loom for Head Start program



Sequester Cuts Inflicting Pain

Local Head Start families feel effects of sequestration

Impact of sequester cuts trickle down to Valley Head Start

Sequestration hurts Head Start

Federal cuts inflict more pain on the poor

Sequestration hitting California hard: Henry Waxman

Head Start families feeling impact of sequester

Protestors Speak Out About Possible Head Start Cuts

Head Start programs across the state cut services, children

Los Alamitos Unified to feel 'sequester cuts

Head Start Programs Face Cuts Due to Sequestration

Federal Cuts a Significant Blow to Head Start Program

Head Start cuts could mean 2,000 fewer seats in L.A. County

TEMECULA: Preschool staff cut after funding runs out

Sequester cuts will devastate Head Start



Local Preschool Programs Lose Out in Sequester

Community rallies against Head Start sequester cuts

Head Start Program Faces Sequester Cuts

Protesters rally against Head Start cuts

Sequester: Longmont Head Start programs could cut up to 30 students



Parents scramble after daycare center closes due to budget cuts

Sequestration ends Head Start program that preps kids for school

Sequester hits Head Start program hard

Conneticut's Head Start Leadership Details Sequester's 'Unthinkable' Impact On Early Childhood Education



State Head Start program threatened by sequestration


District of Columbia

Charity Groups Worry The White House Is Abandoning Them

Michele Bachmann to Dems: ‘Thou protestest too much’ on Head Start budget cuts

FAA Furloughs: Senate Reaches Deal To Avoid Air Traffic Delays

Sequester means cuts to Head Start programs but not training

Head Start teachers name Obamacare as biggest problem



Head Start funding cut at federal level

Hernando Head Start program will have one less classroom

Teachers at Head Start take the hit after budget cuts

Appalling cuts fall on needy children

Castor, parents want to save Head Start from sequester cuts

Kathy Castor: Spare Head Start from sequester cuts

Head Start cuts could have long-term consequences

Head Start staffers will forgo retirement money to maintain services

Parents concerned about cuts to Head Start

Federal cuts may hit Palm Beach County Head Start buses, programs for seniors

Florida Head Start programs could lose millions of dollars in funding



Georgia Head Start Programs Face Sequester Cuts

Sequester could force cuts in local Head Start

Effects of automatic spending cuts surface

Sequestration Hits Home

Budget cuts to impact thousands of Head Start students



Head Start scaling back offerings

Sequester Impacting Head Start Programs

Budget cuts deal blow to Head Start



Head Start grapples with cuts

Granville Head Start being closed due to federal cuts

No more preschool cuts

Some local Head Start pre-schools will take furlough days

Head Start to be affected by budget cuts

Head Start Vulnerable

Illinoisans Brace for Federal Cuts, Furloughs



Hundreds of Head Start Slots Eliminated For Hoosier Kids

Sequester Hurts Head Start Programs

Cuts coming to Evansville's Head Start program

Area Early Head Start now knows the cuts it will face

Head Start Suffering From Federal Sequester

Federal cuts forcing lower Head Start enrollment

Head Start budget cuts draw hands of concern

Sequester hits local Head Start program

Federal cuts take effect for Franklin Head Start

Area Early Head Start will have to cut students

Monroe County Head Start To Cut Slots, Employees

Head Start services cuts budget by 5%

Indiana Head Start Programs Beginning To Drop Students From Rosters

Drawing trims Head Start rolls

Strapped by sequester, Head Starts drop kids

Local Head Start officials developing sequester plan

Head Start Cuts



Letter: Don’t divert funding from Head Start

Budget Cuts Hurt Early Head Start Programs in Siouxland

Lee County Head Start among programs to lose federal funding this fall

Sequestration could mean less aid for students

Head Start shrinks as sequester takes effect

Head Start Cutting Students Due to Sequester

Some Local Head Start Preschools Will Take Furlough Days

Federal cuts challenge Head Start programs in Sioux City

Sequestration cuts could hit Dubuque Head Start preschools

Head Start would suffer under federal sequester cuts



Federal sequester eliminates more Head Start programs in Kansas

Early education programs cut in some Kansas counties

Head Start programs announce budget cuts

A Head Start

Budget cuts mean no more Head Start for hundreds of Kansas children

Federal cuts hit Head Start

Head Start Plans for Budget Cuts



WATCH: Kentucky Parents Discover Sequestration Will Close Their Head Start Program



Jefferson Parish Head Start curtails services, eliminates 19 jobs over federal budget cuts

Head Start closes office

Northshore mother protests proposed cuts to Head Start program

Potential cuts to Head Start program



MAINE COMPASS: Penny-wise, pound-foolish to cut services to children, parents

Lawmakers Look to Restore Millions in Head Start Funding

Lawmakers show bi-partisan support for Head Start funding

Budget cuts deal blow to Head Start

Sequestration cuts will spell bad news for head start programs



Head Start programs enrolling fewer children due to budget cuts

Cuts to Head Start place 'additional burden' on families, director says

Garrett County Head Start will close for month

Invest Wisely in Head Start

Head Start Expecting To Lose Teachers And Children Under Sequester Budget Cuts



Head Start cuts enrollment as Massachusetts social service agencies hurt by government cuts

Head Start Program Feeling Weight of Sequester Cuts

Island Head Start Program Will See Cuts

Head Start cuts hit home locally

Federal budget cuts result in fewer Pioneer Valley Head Start slots

Editorial: Mindless cuts hit Head Start

Headstart class lost to budget sequester

With policymakers demanding action, early childhood educators look for funding

MOC supporters rally against Head Start cuts

Local Head Start programs closing early due to budget cuts

Congressman Tierney tours Beverly Head Start Program

Head Start funding cuts coming soon

Sequester Cuts Takes Bite Out Of Head Start, Tribal Services

Cost of sequestration hits home in Boston



Major Head Start cuts in southern U.P.

Families Rely on Kent County Head Start

Federal cuts affect Kent Co. Head Start

Federal cuts could drop 14 students from area Head Start program



The 'sequester': how three Americans see it working so far

Head Start "stroll-in" Demonstration Outside of Congressman Rick Nolan's Office

Federal cuts could drop 14 students from area Head Start program



Forrest Co. Head Start sites plan to eliminate days of care to trim costs

Sequestration cuts push Jackson County Head Start classes to close weeks earlier



Head Start takes a cut

Schools feel brunt of sequester cuts

Cuts To Head Start Programs Coming Soon To Northeast Missouri – Kahoka Head Start Closing

Head Start braces for cuts

Head Start budget cuts mean fewer kids served, programs scaled back

OACAC Head Start will cut 199 slots for kids, 42 jobs

$300,000 cut from Head Start in Mid-Missouri

Head Start Facing Challenges

Head Start cuts mean shorter hours, could mean fewer kids

Sequester Impact: Head Start Facility Closing, Job Cuts Coming Friday

St. Louis Head Start Fights Against Threatened Cuts

Federal budget sequester means fewer spots in Head Start programs

Sequester will take a bite out of Head Start

Uncertainty For Head Start and Non-Profits Ahead Of 'Sequester'

State Community Action Agencies, Head Start fear sequester impact



Head Start faces cutbacks

Hands in for Head Start

Helena's Head Start program facing 5% cut

In Montana, an Indian reservation’s children feel the impact of sequester’s cuts



Sequestration cuts will impact Head Start budget

Sequestration resulting in Head Start funding cuts

Sequestration cuts affect Plattsmouth Head Start budget



Protestors Rally Against Cuts to Head Start Program


New Hampshire

State's Largest Head Start Program Feels Sequester Pinch

Cuts will force closure of Hudson Head Start

Head Start center in Newmarket closing at end of June

Head Start in NH scrambles to absorb 5 percent sequestration cut

Hudson Head Start program closing in 2013 because of budget cuts


New Jersey

Lowry: Head Start teams brace for the worst

Sequestration means cuts to Head Start programs in Lehigh Valley, northwest New Jersey

Parents voice concern about unexpected "Head Start" closure

Cuts to Head Start programs expected to affect N.J. families as well as kids

Menendez Meets With N.J. Head Start Leaders To Discuss Sequestration Effects

Sequestration Cuts May Force Morris Head Start to Turn Away Kids


New Mexico

Doña Ana County Head Starts cuts staff, services in federal crunch

Sequestration impacts Head Start


New York

Sequester slashes funds to Head Start

OCO Education Services feels impact of federal sequestration

Local Head Starts scaled back under federal budget cuts

How Headstart Gets Past The Sequester

Sequester cuts hitting home for Head Start kids

Washington County Head Start program dwindles after sequestration budget cuts

Regional Report: Budget Cuts Close Head Start Program

Letter: Government is failing Head Start

Westchester, Rockland Head Start Programs to Suffer; Leaders Fight Back

Letter: Head Start needs funds, not airports

ABC Head Start Workers Rally Against Sequestration Cuts

Head Start Teachers, Families, Feel Sequestration Cuts

Head Start facing cuts

Warren County Head Start suffering from deep federal cuts

Allegany County Head Start absorbs $167,000 in federal cuts

Head Start bracing for budget cuts


North Carolina

Onslow County Head Start will no longer accept three-year-olds

Cuts mean less room in Head Start

Budget cuts force closing of Head Start school in New Bern

Sequestration: Affects on early childhood education in North Carolina

Head Start could lose ground in budget cuts

Sequestration could lead to big Head Start cuts on Grand Strand


North Dakota

Federal budget cuts mean trims for area Head Start programs

Federal funding cuts claim Cavalier, Langdon Head Start programs



Sequester Cuts Lifelines for 'Invisible' Women

Sequester cuts young and old in Ohio

Head Start dropped in 3 area counties

Gambier hears Head Start cuts and aggregation proposal

Budget cuts put Head Start behind

Head Start program shortens year, cuts staff and slots due to sequester

Budget Cuts force Head Start to cut 28 students for 2013-2014

Sequester takes toll on local Head Start funding

Head Start Reductions To Begin In Miami Valley

Head Start to lay off 4 workers

Union members gather to protest impending cuts to Head Start

Regional Head start program looking at $200,000 in sequester cuts

Allen County's Head Start program takes hit from funding cuts

Head Start gets early end this year

Sequester drops 200 kids from Head Start program

10 Lorain County Head Start teachers will be laid offederal cuts hit local head start

Worries about Head Start falling behind

Sequester could cut local Head Start



Head Start Program Cuts Due to Sequester



Head Start Advocates Protest Sequester

KLCC Eugene Oregon NPR-Head Start Programs Threatened by Sequester

Protestors Rally in Support of Head Start

Budget cuts could hinder children’s head start in learning

Federal Reductions Hit Oregon's Head Start Programs



Fund early ed programs

Head Start & Future

Reduced funding hits Head Start: Changes include 4-day weeks

Head Start centers to close amid federal cutbacks

With Sequester Cuts, Head Start Programs Dealt Abrupt Budget Blow

Sequester cuts being felt at Head Start

Sequester cuts will soon cause Philadelphians pain

Sequester slashes Luzerne County Head Start funding

Wavering on early education could ruin our future

Budget ax hits 2,300 Head Start hopefuls in Pa.


Rhode Island

RI Head Start Programs Set Back

More Federal Budget Cuts Could Mean Fewer Kids in "Head Start"

Tri-Town faces $1.2M in cuts


South Carolina

Gloverville Head Start closes doors

Head Start supporters march to Rep. Wilson's office to protest federal budget cuts

Head Start parents reach out to lawmakers to protest sequestration

Head Start Families Protest Cuts

Head Start programs could suffer after automatic budget cuts

Sequestration could lead to big Head Start cuts on Grand Strand


South Dakota

Local Head Start program impacted by sequester cuts

Sequester Starts In Impact SD's Reservations



North Chattanooga Head Start parents look to churches for help

Head Start ends school year early due to cuts

Knoxville-Knox County Head Start faces sequestration budget cuts

Education, Head Start could be impacted by sequestration



Federal cut to Head Start will mean 9 fewer openings

Head Start budget cuts hit Navarro, Palo Pinto counties

Head Start programs face funding cuts

Sequestration cuts could affect Pre-K and Head Start programs starting May 1

TNS officials brace for Head Start funding cuts

Sequester means $400,000 loss for local Head Start, Meals on Wheels programs



Sequestration starting to take its toll

Bear River Head Start facing delays, cuts from sequestration



Sequester hits Vermont Guard, Head Start

Federal cuts hit local Head Start programs

Budget cuts force Head Start to close Edgewood Homes facility



Cuts to Head Start program could set poorest children back



Peninsula College Early Head Start to close


West Virginia

Budget Fights in Congress Costs WV Kids Their Head Start