2020 BOLD Leadership Prize

There is boldness in everyone. There is leadership in every one of us.

2020 Bold Leadership Prize?

Recognizing Head Start leaders–administrators, teachers, or staff–who exhibited extraordinarily bold leadership in this tumultuous, challenging year

The Prizes?

$10,000 award for the grand prize winner and $5,000 to four additional finalists, funded by a generous grant from the Ford Foundation


Nominations closed on December 11, 2020

2020 has been a turbulent storm: the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, a renewed national reckoning about the need for racial equity, widespread civil unrest, rising unemployment, evictions, increased poverty levels, natural disasters, and an uncertain, confusing future.

The 2020 BOLD Leadership Prize recognizes how Head Start uplifts our nation’s most vulnerable communities through unparalleled bold leadership.


Characteristics of BOLD leaders

  1. Carried out Head Start’s mission for the whole child, family, and community
  2. Identified and courageously tackled daunting and unprecedented problems
  3. Challenged the status quo and courageously took risks
  4. Stayed driven by results
  5. Led by example, empowered others, and built partnerships
  6. Vocally championed change and lived up to Head Start’s commitment to get better all the time
  7. Saw beyond 2020 and created enduring actions for change
  8. Showed good judgment, acted humbly, ethically, and responsibly