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The National Head Start Association is governed by a 49 member Board of Directors composed of the immediate past president and a Head Start director, staff, parent, and friend representative from each of the 12 Head Start regions. Current board members are listed below. Download a copy of the NHSA Bylaws. Download a copy of the Standing Rules.

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D: Director, S: Staff, P: Parent, F: Friend

Region I

Mary Varr (D)
Dianne Farrar (S)
Jay Isakson (P)
James (Jim) Houlares (F)

Region II

Ruth Neale (D)
Heather Martindale (S)
Johnny Vega Perez (P)
Juel T.R. Molloy (F)

Region III

Jennifer Branch (D)
Vacant (S)
Vacant (P)
Blair Hyatt (F)

Region IV

Eloise McClinton (D)
David Theroith (S)
Berekia LaFaille (P)
David White (F)

Region V

Debbie Beeler (D)
Debra Wege (S)
Melissa Meyer (P)
Dennis DeMers (F)

Region VI

Vacant (D)
Mary Rose Cox (S)
Vacant (P)
Kay Floyd (F)

Region VII

Kimberly Sill (D)
Terry Wilson (S)
Jonna Burns (P)
Pamela La Frenz (F)

Region VIII

Vicki Lowry (D)
Linda Meredith (S)
Vacant (P)
Renee Olson (F)

Region IX

Damon Carson (D)
Denyse Cardoza (S)
Rosalba Barragan (P)
Jay Lerman (F)

Region X

Mark Lackey (D)
Teresa Weadick (S)
Dasia Collins (P)
Sabena Vaughan (F) 

Region XI

Lee Turney (D)
Jennifer Oatman (S)
Vacant (P)
Teri Stringer (F)

Region XII

William Castellanos (D)
Ivette Galarza (S)
Irene Sanchez (P)
Biz Steinberg (F)



Board Officers

Damon Carson

Vice Chairwoman
Linda Meredith

Sabena Vaughan 

Jay Lerman

Immediate Past Chairman (Ex-Officio)
Ivette Galarza

Executive Director
Yasmina S. Vinci

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NHSA encourages charitable donations be made to help fund scholarships for the next generation of aspiring Head Start leaders and advocates.