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Alumni Spotlight: Bruce ELM Strothers

This month the spotlight shines on Bruce E.L.M. Strothers as our honored alum of the month. Throughout his career and adult life, Bruce has been an outstanding professional and compassionate advocate who never fails to assist causes he believes in.

Last month, he was named the recipient of the Rick Palmore Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) Fellows Alumni Award for his outstanding achievements and commitment to up and coming attorneys of diverse backgrounds. Hats off to you Bruce, and your commitment to giving back!

Bruce grew up in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Head Start, he went on to graduate high school, attended undergrad at Brown University, received his Juris Doctor graduate degree from the Seattle University School of Law and finally his Masters of Laws from Columbia Law School.

While at Brown, Bruce recalls vivid memories of seeing high school jackets from Exeter, Andover, Choate, and other “exclusive” prep schools on the backs of fellow students. “Merely compare the amount of money the parents and schools I just named invest in each student with the amount of money a single grandparent and a crumbling school invests in students surrounded by local economic despair. It’s not even a race between a tortoise and a hare and that is why programs like Head Start are so important.”

After Brown, Bruce went on to work as a corporate lawyer with various firms until he began with Coca-Cola in Atlanta where he served as their counsel for global and strategic marketing. Bruce is currently Coca-Cola’s Managing Counsel for the Minute Maid Business Unit and is based in Sugarland, Texas.

Read more about Bruce in his OpEd on Head Start recently published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.