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At Cook Inlet Native Head Start where 100 percent of the children served are Alaska Native and American Indian but come from many different tribal groups with different languages and customs, the c
Head Start alumni come from many walks of life; a great many of them from families who value education and the importance of early learning.
In honor of Native American Heritage Month this November, the National Head Start Association will shine a spotlight on Native American programs, educators and alumni who are making a difference in their communities. 
Founded by Sargent Shriver in 1965, Head Start has come a long way since its inception as an 8-week-long summer program.
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Head Start this year, we shine a spotlight on those special alumni who have been there from the very beginning and are making a difference today.
"1965 was a good year," recalls Kelly Cederholm, Head Start alum and current Head Start Teacher of The Year.
How the Summer of '65 Head Start Program Prepared Me for Success
Ed Williams is a Head Start alum and the current State Director and Senior Counsel to Senator Robert Casey of Pennsylvania.


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