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Center on Advocacy
Grassroots, national, bipartisan
The NHSA Center on Advocacy leverages grassroots action, alumni- and parent-driven support, and a bipartisan strategy to ensure a successful and sustainable future for Head Start.

Our Advocacy Activities

Remind Elected Officials of the Importance of Head Start

It is more important than ever to connect with your members of Congress.

Find detailed instructions and resources to connect with your members of Congress, thank them, and remind them of the good work Head Start is doing back home! 


Head Start Transformation Storytelling Campaign

Find out how you can nominate a transformation story from your program.

Head Start transcends early childhood education because of its unique comprehensive services that address the social and structural determinants of health that perpetuate poverty in America. Head Start works with the whole child—mind, body, and spirit.

We want to share these amazing transformation stories of Head Start children and families in local media outlets in every community across the nation.

Find out how to participate today!



New Initiative: Books Building Bridges

NHSA is promoting a new national initiative for Head Start programs and local police departments.

It’s fun, has a real impact on Head Start children and families and will foster new partnerships and understanding within our communities and law enforcement nationwide.

Get started today!

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By the Numbers


Visits by members of Congress in the 115th Congress to a Head Start center in 2017


Press articles about Head Start sent to Capitol Hill in 2017


Appropriations requests submitted for support of Head Start funding in Fiscal Year 2018


NHSA generated articles, opinion pieces and blogs written by alumni/supporters throughout the country in 2017 alone

Navigating Nonpartisan Advocacy in Elections

We've put together quick tips and resources on engaging in election activities while staying nonpartisan

Build a Relationship with Your Members of Congress

Building relationships with your member of Congress is one of the most effective advocacy tools out there. Take the opportunity to educate your member on the importance of Head Start—it's easy! Find out more here.


NHSA members can find archives of recordings and powerpoint slides of NHSA's previous webinars. You must be an NHSA member and logged in to access this page.