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The Conference is Underway: Day 1 Recap!

The National Head Start Association’s 50th Anniversary Conference is now underway and is wrapping up it’s first full day!

Head start Alum Jorge Rodriguez said it most eloquently with the quote of the day: "We are here because Head Start has mobilized the marginalized towards equal opportunity.”

The numbers really do say it all.

50 Years. 32 million Alumni. 5,000 Attendees at one historic annual conference.

As we wrap up the first day, I am amazed as It is nothing short of a historic gathering of early childhood advocates and educators in our Nation’s Capital celebrating all we have accomplished and continuing to pave the road for the journey ahead.

This being my first Conference at NHSA, I was both excited and unsure of what to expect! However, as I walk around, people and rooms  are abuzz  and filled to the brim with educators and  professionals who are committed to Head Start.  It is quite a sight to see just how many have united to participate in a national conversation about the direction we take to address the poverty so many of our children still stuffer.

I see people with badges from Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and many other cities who have travelled to be here with us. I feel the excitement in the room. The message is so clear: that the time is here and now to have an impact, to innovate, and learn from one another. To collaborate around a worthy and valuable cause and ensure that every child has access to the opportunities that Head Start model.

One individual I spoke with wasn’t even registered to attend but simply wanted to purchase a commemorative 50 year Head Start pin. This speaks to the widespread impact Head Start has had on so many and the strong support Head Start has nationwide.

Even twitter is a flurry of excitement. Every voice matters in this journey!

What an excellent day to start our conference. It promises to be an exciting week.

Stay tuned!