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41st Annual Head Start Conference and Expo

Virtual Session Room #1 - Wednesday and Thursday

$99 for members / $129 for non-members

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Join NHSA’s 41st Annual Conference from the comfort of your desk or training room! NHSA's 2014 Virtual Conference option provides you with 15 hours of live sessions broadcast in real time straight from Long Beach, CA. The Virtual Conference option includes a variety of topics and presenters essential to your agency's success. Check out the virtual sessions being offered below!

Viewing is easy. Go to the NHSA Conference registration website and register as you do for any event. When asked, simply select “Virtual Conference Badge”. Pay your fees and watch for a confirmation email. Three days prior to the session you will receive detailed instructions for viewing the conference online.

Enhance Your Teachers' Curriculum & Assessment Practices: Building Professional Learning Communities

Session Time: Wednesday, 9 – 10:30am

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a new but rapidly growing approach to improve teaching and learning by building on the collective knowledge of teachers and developing a culture of inquiry and problem-solving. PLCs are on-going, collaborative meetings of teachers and education leaders that recognize and seek to capitalize on the strengths and talents of the teaching staff. When PLCs are fully effective, the participants are willing and skilled at critically examining their practice.

Ellen Frede

Developing and Implementing an Efficient and Effective Financial Management System

Session Time: Wednesday, 11am- 12pm

Head Start grantees and delegate agencies are required to developed and implement a Financial Management System. The system must be developed consistent with the Administrative Requirements in 45 CFR Part 74 & 92. This workshop will provide information on how to develop the system.

Perry Davis

Professional Development on CLASS for Your Teachers: Improve Quality & Raise Your CLASS Scores

Session Time: Wednesday, 1:30 - 2:30pm

Learn strategies for investing in your teachers to develop their skills using the CLASS through intensive, long term professional development. Moving beyond CLASS scores, this session will focus on how to achieve high quality using the CLASS through on-going training, coaching, practicums, technical assistance, and curriculum. Join us, and learn how to become a highly effective program that embraces CLASS.

John Gunnarson

CONFLICT RESOLUTION W/ YOUNG CHILDREN including Issues Around Victims, Abusers/Bullies, & Survivors

Session Time: Wednesday, 3:00 - 4:30pm

This workshop makes the connections between social and communication skills and conflict issues between children, including the role of aggression, violence, and self-esteem as they develop in children. The developmental processes of the victim, abuser/bully, and survivor are discussed with reference to parenting styles, both positive and problematic.

Ronald Mah

Head Start Update

Session Time : Thursday, 9 - 10:30am

2014 has the makings of being yet another wasted year for public policy and legislation. While this may be true for many policy areas, it couldn’t be farther from reality for early learning. Both the House and the Senate have been holding hearings on early learning, both have shown interest in reauthorizing the Child Care and Development Block Grant, and, without Congressional action, funding for the Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program will expire this year. This session, led by NHSA’s Senior Manager for Government Affairs, will provide the latest update from Washington DC and explore other federal legislative and policy priorities facing Head Start in the coming year.

Tommy Sheridan

Marketing Strategies for Non Profit Agencies

Session Time: Thursday, 11am – 12pm

Non-profit organizations face different challenges due to limited budget, staff size, competence, and overall understanding of marketing, cause marketing, social media and web design. With limited resources available this session will demonstrate valuable ways to help non-profit organizations find the mean to promote their brand, social media and touch on web design ideas.

Martha Rost

How to Develop and Support a Successful, Motivated Preschool Reader

Session Time: Thursday, 1:30 - 2:30pm

Reading aloud to and with young children is an experience that serves a variety of purposes. In this presentation, award-winning researchers explain how the reading experience is a vehicle for discussing the varied yet interconnected skills and opportunities that jumpstart the career of a successful reader. Parents and teachers will be provided with the most powerful and proven strategies for helping children develop emergent literacy skills, persistence, and empathy through reading together.

Anne Cunningham

The Power of Effective Feedback: Using CLASS Observations as a Catalyst for Professional Growth

Session Time: Thursday, 3:00 – 4:30pm

Do you struggle to provide effective CLASS observation feedback to teachers? Need guidance for using feedback to provide a foundation for improvement? Join Teachstone’s CLASS experts to explore answers and learn to build on your current approaches. This program is recommended for those with intermediate to advanced CLASS content knowledge, including Certified CLASS Observers and Trainers, and others with extensive knowledge of the tool.

Beth Rawls


Virtual Session Room #2 - Wednesday Only

Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Institute (Full Day)

Wednesday, April 30th

Featuring Yvette Sanchez Fuentes

The Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Track will focus on the exciting promise of new federal investments in partnerships, share lessons from different models and communities that have achieved success, offer opportunities for networking and brainstorming, and feature insights into the grant application process from the former Director of the Office of Head Start.

Institute session include:

  • New Opportunities for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships
  • Partnership Models: EHS and Family Child Care
  • Partnership Models: EHS and Center-Based Child Care
  • Taking the Next Step: Writing Your Grant Application

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New Opportunities for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships

Session Time 9 – 10:30am

In 2014, $500 million in new funding was allocated for partnerships between child care organizations and Early Head Start programs to expand access to high quality early care and education to tens of thousands of vulnerable infants and toddlers and their families. In this panel session, hear from leaders of three national practitioner organizations about the importance of seizing this opportunity, working together at the local and national levels, and ensuring we make partnerships a successful reality for children across the country.

Emmalie Dropkin, Senior Specialist for Research and Policy, NHSA

Yasmina Vinci, Executive Director, National Head Start Association
Barbara Sawyer, Director of Special Projects, National Association for Family Child Care
M. A. Lucas, Executive Director, Early Care and Education Consortium

Partnership Models: EHS and Family Child Care

Session Time 11am – 12:00pm

When planning a partnership, communities should never have to reinvent the wheel! There are existing and successful models of partnerships between Early Head Start and family child care homes across the country. Join this session to hear from two groups of practitioners about what they've created and what key lessons can inform the work of other programs.

Louis Finney, Vice President and Executive Director for Head Start/Early Head Start Services, Lutheran Services Florida, Inc. Head Start
Bill Castellanos, Division Director of Child, Youth, and Family Services, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, Inc.

Partnership Models: EHS and Center-Based Child Care

Session Time 1:30 – 2:30pm

When planning a partnership, communities should never have to reinvent the wheel! There are existing and successful models of partnerships between Early Head Start and center-based child care programs across the country. Join this session to hear from two groups of practitioners about what they've created and what key lessons can inform the work of other programs.

Denyse Cardoza, Executive Director, Placer Community Action Council, Inc. KidZCount (Invited)
Linda Broyles, Deputy Director, Southeast Kansas Community Action

Taking the Next Step: Writing Your Grant Application

Session Time 3:00 – 4:30pm

This session will provide information on the steps of the federal grant process and offer an opportunity for participants to ask specific questions regarding the application process. If the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the new funding is available, a general discussion regarding the requirements will also take place.

Yvette Sanchez Fuentes