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NHSA strongly values the input of program leaders, staff, and families into the legislation and regulation that govern the Head Start program. The groups below have been convened to bring their expertise and knowledge to bear on the major challenges and opportunities facing Head Start.

Investing in Impact Working Group

The Investing in Impact Working Group has been formed to think critically about the the means of measuring and demonstrating Head Start's impact and how the program should evolve and grow in the context of a stronger national early learning system while remaining true to its core mission and values.

Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Project

NHSA and the California Head Start Association worked together with a group of stakeholders to create the EHS-CC Partnership Project, providing recommendations to the Office of Head Start and resources for programs creating and sustaining partnerships.

Standards Working Group

NHSA's Standards Working Group worked from 2013-2014 to gather practitioner input, make recommendations for streamlining standards while retaining the key components of Head Start, and respond to other opportunities for input into the revision process.

Monitoring Task Force

NHSA's Monitoring Task Force came out with recommendations in 2012 that included the creation of a data dashboard, increased use of critical success indicators, differential monitoring based on past performance, broader use of programs' audits, and a new system for recognizing and encouraging excellence.