Responding to COVID-19

The True Cost of Repoening

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in the lives of Head Start children and families. NHSA completed a nationwide, comprehensive survey of program needs in order to quantify the costs associated with the pandemic. As local programs approach a new program year, the survey uncovered the extent to which programs have been confronted with a barrage of new challenges and costs. These changes—largely in the form of additional staffing, facility and transportation adjustments, and recurring sanitation costs—contribute to reopening costs. Download the report now.

Reopening Playbook

This playbook highlights action steps, resources, and planning templates for reopening. Download the Playbook now.

Sleeves Up for Head Start

As vaccines are becoming more widely available, including for all Head Start and Early Head Start staff, protecting our communities’ health through vaccination is an important next step. As Head Start staff and families navigate the personal medical decision of vaccination, NHSA seeks to equip our community with the tools needed to make informed decisions and share information within their own networks.

The Sleeve Up for Head Start campaign encourages members of the Head Start community to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine, identify and address vaccine hesitancy with empathy and cultural understanding, and share personal experiences around receiving the vaccine.

Join other Head Start staff who are helping make their communities a safer place, one vaccination at a time, by using the hashtags: #SleeveUpforHeadStart and #SleeveUp4HeadStart.


CDC Report

Head Start’s close adherence to CDC and local health guidelines has successfully mitigated the spread among programs operating in person.

Find a Vaccination Location Near You

Use to find a location near you, then call or visit their website to make an appointment.