Responding to COVID-19

How Head Start can help support vulnerable children and families

Head Start plays an essential role in the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of children and families all across the country. As the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus continues, we recommend that Head Start programs closely monitor the recommendations of public health officials regarding how to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We pledge to remain unwavering in our work and promise to abide by the highest set of principles in our commitment to the Head Start family.

We have compiled lists of helpful resources to assist you with information on the best pactices to keep families and children healthy and safe. Additional resources on program management are also included to provide guidance during these unprecedented times.

Resources for Programs

We have compiled a list of helpful resources to assist you with best-practice information on keeping families and children healthy and safe.

Resources for Parents

For many in the Head Start community, this is a time of adjustment to supporting children and families from afar, and so we find ourselves searching for information and resources to help in this unprecedented situation.

Resources for Recovery

To keep others healthy and safe, we’ve created a list of resources that will help guide families, children, and educators towards the path of pandemic recovery.

Resources for Education at Home

We’ve curated a list of high-quality early learning resources that you can use to help the families you serve develop a new sense of normalcy and support their children’s development at home.


The True Cost of Reopening

NHSA completed a nationwide, comprehensive survey of program needs in order to quantify the costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

Destination Reopening Playbook

This playbook highlights action steps, resources, and planning templates for reopening. Download now.

CDC Report

Head Start’s close adherence to CDC and local health guidelines has successfully mitigated the spread among programs operating in person.