For Current Credential Candidates

Supporting the Candidate in the Credentialing Process

The following is a list of suggestions to help guide family services and health services candidates through the credential process.

It is recommended that a Credential Supervisor be in a current position in the program as a family or health services manager/coordinator and have at least five years of experience in family or health services, with at least three of those years spent in a Head Start program.

  1. Identify a Credential Supervisor to provide support to the candidate and coordinate the process. The Credential Supervisor should be someone who will:
    • Encourage and motivate the candidate.
    • Explain Competencies/Functions/Activities, as needed.
    • Offer resources.
    • Establish with the candidate a target timeline for completion that is prior to the six month deadline and make sure the candidate is on course for meeting that timeline.
    • Proofread responses and assist with writing, spelling, and grammar.
    • Review the candidate’s Workbook in its entirety.
    • Make sure the Workbook is submitted properly.
  2. Request the expertise of the program managers in early childhood, health, family & community partnerships, and program design and management to provide training or tutoring in the Competencies that relate to their areas. These managers can review the candidate’s completed Activities that relate to their areas and make suggestions for improvement.
  3. Two or more candidates may go through the process at the same time. This will allow them to support each other and share ideas. The candidates’ responses will each need to be in their own words to demonstrate his or her individual skills, knowledge, understanding and ability.
  4. Recognize, praise, and celebrate with the candidate. This is a significant and valuable professional development opportunity. Candidates are to be applauded for their ambition to learn, demonstrate what they know, and improve their practice.
  5. Publicize when the candidate receives the credential. Post it on the program’s website and/or social media pages, in the local newspaper or program’s newsletter. The program can also recognize the candidate at an all staff meeting, program event, or other celebration.