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Dollar Per Child
Supporting Advocacy

What is Dollar per Child?

Dollar per Child (DPC) is NHSA's annual fundraising campaign that helps us ensure millions of children and families are represented in Washington, D.C.

Why donate?

NHSA's member dues - by law - cannot be used for lobbying, so Dollar per Child is the main source of funding for Head Start's advocacy in Washington.

Help us strengthen Head Start's voice!

Once again the goal of the 2017-2018 campaign is to raise one dollar for each of the one million children in Head Start programs across the nation.

Millions of American children are in desperate need of the window of opportunity for success in life that Head Start provides. Through Dollar per Child (DPC), NHSA ensures that the voices of these at-risk children and their families are heard.

Get involved today!

Interested in contributing to Dollar per Child, but not sure how to get involved beyond donating? Download our resource, "Making the Case for Dollar per Child" and check out our Dollar per Child Toolkit, equipped with turn-key fundraising activities and best practices for programs and staff.


Why is this campaign so important?

Power structures in Washington are constantly changing, whether in Congress or with the new Administration. In the past year, hundreds of new bureaucrats have come to Washington, many with the power to impact Head Start programs across the country. NHSA needs your support to ensure we have the ability to develop new relationships, continue to cultivate existing ones and unleash external experts to influence policymakers and their staffs.

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Where do your contributions go?

NHSA’s advocacy work ensures that every single Head Start child, family, and program has their voice represented in the halls of Congress, before the White House, and in your state capital. Your contributions over past years have enabled NHSA’s advocacy to achieve far-reaching success.

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Recognition for your contributions

At the opening session of the 45th Annual National Head Start Conference and Expo this spring, NHSA will recognize the programs, states, regions, and partners who have chosen to demonstrate their commitment to the Dollar per Child campaign by inviting them on stage to present a check before thousands of their colleagues. We will also recognize the top contributing program winners for each month and honor the top contributing state, region, program, and corporate sponsor to date by bringing them on stage. These dedicated DPC supporters will also be invited to a private reception with a special VIP guest! 
Shortly after the end of this year’s campaign on July 1st, we will officially recognize our top program, state and regional contributors and each will receive a free registration to the Early Childhood Innovation Summit this summer. 

Sending a check?

If you prefer, you can send checks directly to:

National Head Start Association
Attention: Dollar Per Child Campaign Coordinator
P.O. Box 759400
Baltimore, MD 21275-9400

Frequently asked questions
"I work for a Head Start program - am I allowed to raise funds for Dollar per Child?" and other questions are answered on our Dollar per Child FAQ.