What is Dollar per Child?

Contributions through the Dollar per Child campaign are the primary, critical source of funding for NHSA's advocacy efforts.

Why give?

One dollar for every child attending Head Start helps the program have the resources to serve more eligible children and families.

Give to Dollar per Child

Dollar per Child (DpC) is NHSA's annual fundraising campaign to support our advocacy efforts on behalf of Head Start’s one million children and families, 275,000 staff, and their communities. NHSA’s advocacy efforts raise awareness of the essential role Head Start plays in every community across the country and secure funds to ensure the program can reach more eligible children and families with its high-quality, comprehensive services.

Voluntary contributions through the Dollar per Child campaign are the primary, critical source of funding for NHSA's advocacy efforts—and these efforts pay off. Through effective, strategic advocacy, Head Start has seen an increase in funding every year for a decade. Most recently, we secured dedicated quality improvement funds to address the effects of adverse childhood experiences and trauma, in addition to two billion dollars in COVID-19 relief funds.

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NHSA is proud to partner with Kaplan Early Learning Company on the Dollar per Child campaign!



Contact NHSA at advocacy@nhsa.org or (703) 739-0875

How are the funds used?

NHSA serves as the untiring voice that will not be quiet until every vulnerable child is served with the Head Start model of support for the whole child, the whole family, and the community. The Dollar per Child campaign ensures that this voice is loud enough to be heard by our nation’s decision-makers through the following tactics:

I want to maximize my impact with DpC. How do I get started?

Download this Dollar per Child toolkit for guidance on how to develop an enjoyable fundraising strategy that best fits your program. The toolkit contains fundraising ideas, tips for recruiting volunteers, and guidelines for developing fundraising goals and timelines. Let’s all do our part to support Head Start!