Webinar: The Next Generation of EHS-CC Partnerships

In July 2016, NHSA held a webinar to showcase the approaches three very different programs took when awarded EHS-CC Partnership funds in 2015. Presenters include: Gertrude Ricks, Phalos Haire, and Ruth Lee.

National Center on Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships

The Office of Head Start and Office of Child Care have released new, helpful resources on topics such as policy and program guidance. NCEHS-CCP offers information and training about partnership stages, collaboration, and research.

Office of Child Care T/TA

The Office of Child Care’s website also offers a portal into the National Center on Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships via their Training and Technical Assistance System for child care providers.

6 Roles for States in EHS-CC Partnerships

NHSA believes that strong local grantees are in the best position to meet the individual needs of communities by creating unique relationships that best serve their children and families. We’ve outlined the six ways in which states can have meaningful, supportive roles for these partnerships.

Partnership Assessment

Zero to Three and Mathematica conducted an evaluation that examined 22 of the partnerships that formed or expanded. The report lays out the characteristics of partnership teams, approaches to partnering, goals and outcomes, and key successes and challenges. Curious how to assess the partnerships you currently have in your community or how they’re integrated into early learning systems in your state? Appendix C of the report has extensive self-assessments for EHS-CC Partnership planning teams at both the local and state levels.

Fiscal Assessment

The Administration for Children and Families has published this convenient, concise checklist for partnerships that involve multiple funding streams. The checklist covers various fiscal considerations for projects involving early care and education.

Financing Partnerships

The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) has published resources about how braided funding models have been developed in different communities.

A Tool for States

The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) has recently published two tools for states to support their thinking about how to facilitate partnerships: an overview of Early Head Start and a planning tool for how states can adapt child care policies to better support families and partnerships.

Starting a Conversation about Collaboration

This PowerPoint presentation, shared by the Illinois Head Start State Collaboration Office, can be a great tool for talking with others in your community about what collaboration is and your collective goal!