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ACF - Administration for Children and Families, a division of the federal department of Health and Human Services

CCDBG - Child Care and Development Block Grant (sometimes referred to as CCDF or Child Care and Development Fund) - the federal funding stream for child care administered through agencies at the state level

CCR&R - Child Care Resource and Referral

DOE - the US Department of Education

DRS - Designation Renewal System - the system of grant competition for Head Start or Early Head Start programs who hit triggers in the program monitoring process

ECEC - Early Care and Education Consortium

ECLKC - the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center, the website of the Office of Head Start

EHS - Early Head Start - A federal-to-local program that provides comprehensive child development and family support services to pregnant women and children from birth to age three

HSNRC - Early Head Start National Resource Center, funded by the Office of Head Start and operated by Zero to Three

FOA - Funding Opportunity Announcement

HHS - the US Department of Health and Human Services

HS - Head Start

HSES - Head Start Enterprise System, the portal for data and budget input for Head Start grantees

HSPPS - Head Start Program Performance Standards

IEP - Individualized Education Program, created for each child with a diagnosed disability aged 3 through 21

IFSP - Individual Family Service Plan, created for each child with a diagnosed disability from birth to age 3

MIECHV - Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting - a federal funding stream through the Affordable Care Act for home visiting programs

NAEYC - National Association for the Education of Young Children

NAFCC - National Association for Family Child Care

NHSA - National Head Start Association

OCC - Office of Child Care, within the Administration for Children and Families

OHS - Office of Head Start, within the Administration for Children and Families

OPRE - Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, within the Administration for Children and Families

PIR - Program Information Report, a survey collected annually from all Head Start and Early Head Start grantees

QRIS - Quality Rating and Improvement System - state-based systems used to rate early childhood care and education settings

T/TA - Training and Technical Assistance