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Ensure Your Head Start Children are Successful Literacy Learners

NHSA, with our partners at the Stern Center for Language and Learning, is excited to announce two two-day no-cost BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® trainings to be presented in conjunction with the NHSA Managers and Directors Academy in San Antonio in June. This training opportunity has been grant-funded by a generous donor to allow us to provide the training and materials at no additional charge for the participants.  

BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® promotes early literacy skills for children in early care and education environments. Developed at the Stern Center for Language and Learning, a nonprofit learning center dedicated to helping children and adults reach their full potential, the resource teaches Head Start and Early Head Start Teachers and families how to foster early literacy skills in children. Building Blocks also supports the CLASS Observation Tool.

There are TWO two-day TRAINING OF TRAINERS programs, one designed for Head Start and one for Early Head start Education Managers/Coordinators and Trainers (or other Head Start/Early Head Start staff as appropriate). The Head Start training is on the 27th - 28th, and the EHS program is on the 29th - 30th.

The first day is a six-hour applied training that will teach you how to deliver BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® in a way that is developmentally appropriate with this age group:

Overview of Head Start training:

Overview of Early Head Start training:

  • Early literacy research
  • Language development
  • Shared book reading with emphasis on vocabulary development
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Speech to Print Connection including alphabet knowledge
  • Birth to Three Research
  • Language Development (including stages of babbling)
  • Executive Function Development: Birth through 36 months
  • Shared book reading (print concepts)
  • Phonological Awareness (rhyme awareness and alliteration)
  • Alphabet Knowledge (recognition and naming)
The second six-hour day shares how to implement the Mentoring/Coaching Component of BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® and includes:
  • Alphabetic Principle
  • Informational Vocabulary to Support State Standards
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Alignment with HSCOF and support of CLASS
  • Descriptive Plan for Mentoring/Coaching Visits
  • Movement and Music’s influences on Language Development
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Understanding the Alphabetic Principle
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Alignment with HSCOF and support of CLASS
  • Descriptive Plan for Mentoring/Coaching Visits

Once Head Start trainers have successfully completed the two day BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® TRAINING OF TRAINERS sessions and the Trainer requirements (which include four follow up mentoring session phone calls and the delivery and video for review of a six hour training to a minimum of ten people) you will be certified to train Head Start early care and education teachers/providers in your region.


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