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April 23 - 27, 2018
45th Annual National Head Start Conference and Expo
Anaheim, CA

2018 Practice Institute

Improvement science, quality improvement, data-driven decision-making, evidence-based practice…
There are a lot of new terms out there that all boil down to the same concept: using data to improve our effectiveness and impact. After the General Opening Session, Wednesday, April 25th, join your colleagues to discover how to bring data literacy into your program in a practical, accessible, and useful way. (No need for fancy spreadsheet formulas here!)

2018 Practice Institute sessions include:

Data is More Than a Spreadsheet

If you hear the word “data” and immediately picture a complicated spreadsheet, you won’t want to miss this session. Hear from Stuart Jones, an expert with Acorn Evaluation, about how data visualization can change the way you think about data and drastically improve your program’s performance, all without the need for advanced data skills. (Part of the CQI & Research Luncheon, special event ticket required)

CQI & Research Luncheon

Come experience an annual conference tradition: the CQI & Research Luncheon. This year you’ll get triple the fun: in addition to hearing from Acorn Evaluation’s Stuart Jones about data visualization, you'll be part of a special address from Colleen Rathgeb from the Administration for Children and Families and you'll get to hear an exclusive keynote presentation from Shelley Metzenbaum, who previously served in the first term of the Obama Administration, was the Founding President of the Volcker Alliance, and currently serves at a catalyst for good government. Tickets are going fast...get yours today!

Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Data Literacy in Your Program

At this session, NHSA will release a new resource that has been created as part of our Data Design Initiative: a hiring guide to help programs hire staff with the right data skills. For those involved in hiring, come learn about the importance of having data literate staff, what to look for in job candidates and potential contractors, and other tools from the guide that can support your hiring efforts.

Benchmarking for Children’s Success

The Head Start Program Performance Standards encourage using data for “ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement” without saying how to do so or how they will monitor for it. But data isn’t just about compliance with the Feds. Other industries have successfully used internal benchmarking to advance their own practice. Come learn about what these other industries have done and answer the questions: What is benchmarking? How does it work? Why is it useful?