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Head Start Site Leaders Pre-Pre-Service

May 25 - July 13, 2021

Local leadership at each Head Start site makes all of the difference!

We’re partnering with Teachstone to create a “Pre-Pre-Service” webinar series to support Head Start and Early Head Start site leaders in welcoming children and teachers back into the classroom this upcoming program year. This series is designed for site leaders who work with teaching teams in programs and are working on creating plans to support their emotional wellness to start the year off right.

Who are the site leaders? Head Start and Early Head Start site leaders are the leaders who are physically present at the site most days of the week. They are known by many names—center directors, center leaders, site supervisors, or site directors—but whatever their title, site leaders are the individuals on the ground with the best understanding of how to make the most of their staff's expertise.

This webinar series will support site leaders in optimizing emotional support components from the CLASS tool to ensure your program is ready to transition back to in-person learning. Over four sessions, we will develop actionable plans to support practitioners in bringing the social-emotional classroom supports directly into the classroom.

Join us for a webinar series,

Highlighting Essential Emotional Support Components for In-Person Learning "After" the COVID-19 Pandemic


Parallel Process & Interactions

 Tuesday, May 25 at 9:00 am ET

It all starts with you! As a leader, your focus on building empathy and resilience within your staff will give the adults in your program the space and grace they need to start strong this program year. Learn about the importance of parallel processes and interactions as the foundation for the social-emotional support that adults need in order to effectively support children.


Relationships and Regard

Tuesday, June 8 at 12:00 pm ET

There's no time like the present! Effective leaders are present with their staff. As they listen to and learn along with the staff they support, they build strong relationships and a positive climate in their school community. Learn about how the CLASS framework can guide our work as leaders.


Sensitivity and Structure

Tuesday, June 29 at 12:00 pm ET

Do they know how much you care? Believe it or not, it is possible to be sensitive and still provide the structure staff need to be productive. Let's talk about the leader's role in providing emotionally safe environments and simple ways to model CLASS-based interactions with the staff we support.


Engagement and Clarity

Tuesday, July 13 at 12:00 pm ET

Keep it up! Starting strong by building relationships and creating emotionally responsive workplaces is only half of the story. How will you keep the momentum up all year? Let's think together about how to move forward with clarity and purpose. CLASS-based interactions can support staff engagement so the strong start lasts all year long.

Back to school season this year will be unlike any other. Make sure you're ready to lead your team to success. Register now to join our Head Start Site Leaders "Pre-Pre-Service."

Rates and Registration: Member Rate: $149.00; Non-Member Rate: $199.00