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Fall Leadership Institute

NHSA's Fall Leadership institute is an opportunity for Head Start and Early Head Start leaders to gather and discuss Early Childhood Education against the backdrop of important national developments:

  • A massive national expansion of early learning is on the horizon – but no clear path forward is evident. 
  • The sequester is decimating programs now, but how can Head Start sustain eight more years of cuts? 
  • The first round of Designation Renewal is complete, and Round Two begins with many unanswered questions and concerns. 
  • This September, Congress must address FY2014 and all signals point to an impending government shutdown.

At this important juncture it’s more important than ever that we cut through the clutter of misinformation and work through the facts about what is happening, what could happen, and what we as a community need to do to ensure the successful and sustainable future of Head Start.

Ahead of the full Fall Leadership Institute, we will hold Pre-Institute Sessions that cover a number of important issues. It will take knowledge and skill to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead and we encourage you to build solid skills in these four Pre-Institute Sessions.