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May 6th, 2015 - 2:00 PM ET

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Concept Development is all of our modules –we can give specific examples of oral language development from sounds- babbling-first words-vocabulary-morphology-syntax-pragmatics: with a great emphasis on vocabulary to bring us into shared book reading including the Bloom’s Taxonomy of “wh” questions to PEER and CROWD. Theses are all great examples to discuss as it really helps adults to see the complexity of development. We can also discuss phonological awareness and speech to print with an emphasis on the alphabetic principle and connecting phonemes to alphabet representations but in a developmental sequence. 

Quality of feedback is covered with our scaffolding techniques with children and mentoring /coaching offering to adults. 

Language Modeling -we have some great examples in Birth to Three as well as many others within BB. 

Literacy Focus: We have this covered in many ways from concept of print to exposing children to different genres of literature as well as using Tier two, $50.00 words and informational vocabulary to support Common Core expectations. We also encourage making books, etc.