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Human Resources
Rubric-based Performance Assessment

Innovations for Better Outcomes:

Fall 2013 Director’s Webinar Series

This webinar will detail Acelero Learning’s approach to staff professional assessment and development through the use of success rubrics. Learn how a rubric system can be used to clearly articulate to staff expectations for success within your program as well as provide them with a development path to achieve at the highest levels in specific areas of their work.

About this Webinar Series

In spring 2013, Acelero Learning and the National Head Start Association debuted the Innovations for Better Outcomes Head Start Director’s Webinar Series, primarily focusing on innovations in the areas of education and family services.

Now, with additional requirements for new five-year grantees to “define anticipated outcomes, and include measures of program progress,” Head Start programs are under more pressure than ever before to demonstrate clear child outcomes. This webinar series will delve into at a set of innovations designed by Acelero Learning in the areas of Program Design & Management and Innovations Monitoring specifically for Head Start programs.

External research conducted on Acelero Learning’s programs shows that this innovative approach produces child outcome gains at more than twice the Head Start average as documented in FACES and the National Head Start Impact Study. This series is ideal for directors who are looking to understand current cutting-edge practices, and who want to get ideas for tools and approaches to incorporate into their own Head Start program in a very practical way.