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Increasing Financial Security of Head Start Families:  NHSA’s Partnership with the Asset and Opportunity Network 

Wednesday, May 13 | 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

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Every parent and child needs a level of financial security to thrive and succeed. Since its inception, Head Start has recognized the importance of family financial security, requiring programs to offer “financial literacy” activities to parents. Several years ago, the Office of Head Start illustrated the link between financial security and child outcomes in the Parent, Family & Community Engagement Framework, defining family well-being as “families are safe, healthy and have increased financial security.” Most recently, the Office of Head Start has partnered with the Office of Community Services to support the expansion of strategies that build financial security beyond “financial literacy” activities.

In recognition of the field’s growing emphasis on financial security, the National Head Start Association has partnered with the Assets & Opportunity Network—a group of over 1,800 practitioners and advocates working to increase the financial security of all Americans—to expand access to resources and information on how to build the financial security of Head Start families. On this webinar, representatives from the Assets & Opportunity Network’s staff and leadership will share:

  • How Head Start’s financial security goals align with the Network’s mission,
  • Why financial security matters for child outcomes, and
  • Resources available through the Network to support Head Start programs working with families to increase their financial security

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