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Moving Toward More Reliable Child Assessments

Moving Toward More Reliable Child Assessments

Innovations for Better Outcomes

How a “Lean & Mean” approach to assessment -- including reducing the number of items assessed, doing embedded & direct assessments, and building a professional learning community focused on how teachers use assessment data-- can make pre-k assessment much more reliable and actionable.

Presented by: Rachel Bragin, Vice President, Training and Program Resources

About this Webinar Series

Acelero Learning, in partnership with the National Head Start Association, is hosting a unique webinar series,Innovations for Better Outcomes, which will delve into a set of high-impact practices in the areas of family services and early childhood education, specifically for Head Start programs.

Watch the session, get the tools: This spring, for the first time ever, take advantage of having the tools that are discussed in each session at your fingertips – in addition to the webinars presented, you will have the option to supplement these sessions with Family Engagement and Early Childhood Education-focused “Power Packs”, with the relevant high-impact tools and resources to help your program actually implement the ideas in each section of the series.

The Innovations series will be divided into two tracks. Each webinar will be a one-hour session, hosted on a Tuesday, at 3:30 pm ET / 12:30 PM PST.