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Exclusive New Resource: Quality Improvement Toolkits!

In the United States, there are more than two million child care staff working in settings that range from school district classrooms to their own homes. Everybody understands that education employees shape the lives of our children and future generations; yet the wellness of these critical members of the education and child care sector is often overlooked.

Staff wellness is important for teachers, of course, but it is also vitally important to their students. For instance, teachers who eat nutritious meals pass this knowledge onto their students. Physically-active teachers conduct more movement-based activities in the classroom, passing along the importance of movement. And teachers who are happy at work and in life are better able to manage their classrooms and teach strong social-emotional skills.

It’s clear that because teachers are role models, the classroom setting offers an ideal opportunity for children to learn healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime. 

Staff wellness programs aim to build a culture of health within the workplace. But if you wanted to start one, where would you even begin?

NHSA has created an exclusive, members-only toolkit to guide you through the process of creating and developing your own staff wellness program. This resource is the first in our series of Quality Improvement toolkits.

Quality Improvement toolkits are “how-to” guides designed for programs to reference when developing or improving services. The toolkits include step-by-step guidance, case studies, practical tools, and additional resources. Through the quality improvement lens, these toolkits promote measurement, evaluation, and continuous improvement.

Ready to get started? Whether you’re not sure exactly what a staff wellness program could offer your program or you’re wondering how to measure, evaluate, and build upon a program you already have in place, the Nurturing Staff Wellness toolkit is a resource designed to help!

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