What can you do to make a positive impact on behalf of Head Start this year?

Here are a few ways to reach out to remind elected officials of the critical role that Head Start plays in your community.

Invite your member of Congress for a visit

One of the best ways to show elected officials the effectiveness of Head Start is to invite them and their staffs to visit your program to see all the hard work you and your colleagues do every day. It is not uncommon for staff who are responsible for advising the member to make a trip out to the district or state to connect with their boss’ constituents, which is an optimal time for you to cultivate a positive rapport with the office.

Follow this simple How-To Guide and start building and tending to those lasting connections today.

Schedule an in-district meeting

No plane, no problem! You can meet with your members of Congress and their staffs without having to travel all the way to Washington, D.C. Simply look up the local phone number on your members’ websites to the office location nearest to you and call to ask for a meeting when the members are back in the district or state. If the member isn’t around, you can always meet with staff who are based in the district to talk about your needs.

Check out NHSA’s Congressional Conversation Guide for key topics to cover during your meeting.

Attend a local town hall

Given that this is an election year, many members of Congress will be attending town halls. These gatherings are fantastic opportunities to speak about the work you and your program are doing on behalf of the children and families in your community. Grab some friends and family and make sure you are part of the conversation.

Check out NHSA’s Town Hall Toolkit.

Invite your members of Congress to local community events

Is your program hosting a community health fair, an open house, or another neighborhood event? Make sure to extend an invite to your members of Congress and their staffs. It is not uncommon for congressional offices to stop by local events briefly to say hello to constituents when the representative has a break in their schedule. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for them to see the incredible difference you are making in your community.

Meet members where they are

Oftentimes, members of Congress will host events back home. Sign up online through your representatives’ official web pages to receive updates about their whereabouts. If there is an event that catches your eye, check it out and let the member know how instrumental Head Start is in your community.

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