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NHSA Membership

What benefits do members receive?


A Strong Voice

A strong, national membership gives NHSA the mandate to advocate on behalf of Head Start before Congress and the Administration.


Learning & Leadership

Along with many members-only resources, membership provides learning opportunities at NHSA's six annual conferences at a discount.



NHSA members have access to weekly and monthly newsletters, exciting new partner initiatives, The Block, and many helpful resources and documents.

NHSA Membership Fees

NHSA provides a way for every individual to participate in shaping Head Start’s future. Individual categories include Friend of Head Start, Student, Alumnus, and Academic members.
$10 - $500 (Lifetime)
NHSA Affiliate members include national, regional, and state Head Start associations and state collaboration offices. Affiliates participate as partners with NHSA in a number of key activities including Advocacy, Recognition and Awards, Conferences, and Leadership events.
$170 - $770
Available to three groups of non-grantee organizations: Non Profits, For-Profit Corporations, and University, College, and Research Organizations, and Early Head Start/Childcare Partnership organizations.
$270 - $680
NHSA members are the one strong voice of Head Start. Program Membership bring thousands of Head Start staff and parents together to strengthen the future of Head Start. Program Membership includes full member status and privileges for all Head Start/Early Head Start staff and parents!
$460 - $5,080

What Members are Saying

"I try to send as many staff as I can to NHSA conferences and Institutes. They can get training in a wider range of content areas there than we can get in the region or state. It is critical they hear from so many national experts. The discount we receive as an NHSA member means I can send more staff."

"NHSA membership provides a unique opportunity to participate in making public policy that will affect a generation of Americans. As an NHSA member, I get up-to-the-minute information about what is happening on Capitol Hill and can participate in activities that help protect my program and the children and families in my community."

Which NHSA membership is right for you?

NHSA offers four membership categories—Individual, Affiliate, Associate, and Program—each with a unique set of member benefits.

What benefits do staff, parents, and board members receive? What membership type do you qualify for? What's The Block and how can I join?

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You may become a member of the National Head Start Association by filling out an application online, or by submitting a PDF application, linked below.