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The percent of responding states where Head Start enrollment exceeds the number of children in state funded presschool 

Head Start’s Capacity in the States

After  the first round of Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grants were awarded, NHSA established the Early Learning Innovation Consortium (ELIC) for the purpose of supporting and strengthening Head Start’s role in the development of state-level early learning systems. Since then, state- and local-level investment in birth-to-five planning, policy and programming has increased sharply, with 40 states and the District of Columbia now investing in state-funded preschool programs. Simultaneously, the engagement and capacity of Head Start affiliate leadership in state-level policy has grown substantially. To meet these dramatic changes, the ELIC evolved into the Center on States

In order to support Head Start’s role in states’ emerging early learning landscapes, NHSA also conducted a survey of state and regional Head Start associations (NHSA’s Affiliates). The resulting report documents the level of Head Start engagement and influence in states, explores the context of early learning within these systems, and presents conclusions and recommendations to guide NHSA’s support of our affiliate network moving forward.

Find the whole report here and a presentation of the report here.


The percent of responding states where Head Start is engaged in state level professional development