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Head Start in the News: August 8 - 21

In case you missed the news last week, be sure to catch up with a few articles collected by NHSA.

1. Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

Via the New York Times' Health Blog  

“I think that we’ve learned that early reading is more than just a nice thing to do with kids,” Dr. Hutton said. “It really does have a very important role to play in building brain networks that will serve children long-term as they transition from verbal to reading."


2. Letter to the Editor: Family success story began with Head Start 

Via Cape Cod Times

“In fact, my entire family is a Head Start success story, and I cannot overstate the transformative impact Head Start has on the lives of vulnerable families in Massachusetts, and across the nation.”


3. Head Start’s Successful Alums are a Measure of Program’s Success!

Via the Kresge Foundation

“‘Smart investments in high-quality early childhood education are proven to increase long-term school attainment and earnings,’ says Wendy Jackson, Deputy Director of Kresge’s Detroit Program. ‘Those investments bring strong academic, social and economic benefits for the children, their families and the Detroit community as a whole.’”