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Head Start in the News: Oct. 19 - Nov. 2

In case you missed the news last week, be sure to catch up with a few articles collected by NHSA.

1. Head Start Designation Renewal System 2.0

Via the Huffington Post Blog

“The Head Start community embraces accountability, but recognizes that continuous quality improvement is as important to the development of strong federal policies as it is to their work with children and families. “


2. Millennials as Parents

Via Time Magazine

“With a smartphone and a social network always at hand, they’re charting a course through parenthood that opens moms and dads to more public criticism—as well as affirmation—than anything previous generations have ever experienced. “


3. Goldman Sachs paid to expand pre-K in Utah. It worked.

Via Vox

“The Utah pre-K experiment is worth paying attention to for two reasons. It's another piece of evidence that good-quality early childhood education can save money in the long term. “


4. Pre-K researchers can’t get past the third grade

Via the Hechinger Report

“The decision to judge programs based on third-grade test scores dismisses the full range of skills and capacities developed through early childhood education that strongly contribute to future achievement and life outcomes.”


5. Parents as Partners: Creating Advocates for a True “Head Start”

Via NHSA’s Blog

“From the beginning of the school year, I had a vision: 100% of my students would leave Room 8 kindergarten-ready. “


6. The Fadeout Shibboleth

Via the Huffington Post Blog

“Let's put this meaningless shibboleth aside and turn to the important business of investing in our most valuable and vulnerable resource, our children.”