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If you had a chance to make a difference, would you take it?

Head Start is giving you the chance to make a difference

Head Start has, from the beginning, empowered parents to make a difference: in their child’s life, in their family, in the future of Head Start. Right now, Head Start is seeking comments on changes to the Performance Standards, the guidelines that specify what a program must do to meet the needs of the community, and would like to hear from us, the parents.

For the last 50 years, from Policy Councils to calls to Congress, Head Start has asked parents to help make a difference. They have asked you to make sure that those who are directing the program do so in a way that works. They want you to be part of the success.

As Head Start looks to develop policy and procedure that will help guide it over the next 50 years and beyond, they ask for feedback from the parents. They are asking you to make a difference in a program that affects so many young children and their families. They are asking you to make the difference in the lives of millions.

Head Start believes in breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of parental involvement. This is true in this context as well. NHSA and many others have provided easy access to various resources to help you comment, to find your voice, to make the difference that only you can make.

At the beginning of August, I helped advocate for more time so that you, the parent, could voice your opinions. I, too, believe in you, in your voice. I believe that a single person can make a difference; every single one of us makes up the collective voice. Our voices, together, will be undeniable.

The comment period ends on September 17th. You may not be able to get through it all, but get through what you can. Find the pieces that have made a difference in your life. What helped you the most? The empowerment that came from helping the program by serving on the Policy Council?  The commitment to improving your life that the family partnership agreement gave you?  The dedication to serve a child regardless of background, free of stereotypes and discrimination?  Find that section and make sure that Head Start continues to offer that service to others. 

Head Start is giving you the chance to make a difference.

So, are you willing? Because I believe you can.

Wishing you well,

Donald J Bovinett, Jr.
Husband, Father, Advocate



Parents: Have a Say in the Future of Head Start!

Today, NHSA is proud to publish a blog post from a Head Start parent, policy council member, and advocate. After reading this post, if you would like to help, please register for a phone-in listening session with Blanca Enriquez, Director of the Office of Head Start, taking place on Thursday, September 10th at 7 PM eastern.

All are welcome for this free call - staff members, please forward this message on to your policy council members and parents!

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