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Recycle Your Way to STEAM has been a great opportunity for our children, parents and staff to play and learn together while having a blast!”

Tammy Miller
Staff Development & Education Manager
Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency Head Start/Early Head Start

"Recycle Your Way to STEAM was an amazing program for our teachers. Teachers turned everyday materials into extraordinary teaching tools for the children to learn science, vocabulary, social skills and problem solving skills. The following week the teachers used the ideas from the program in their lesson plan to create more STEAM projects. The children loved creating their own projects and the teachers were amazed by all the children’s unique ideas. Teachers truly enjoyed participating in the program since it was so interactive and teambuilding. We are so happy that we participated in this program and can’t wait to do it again.

Kathleen Lim-Valle
Education Manager
Orange Children & Parents Together, Inc.

"STEAM instruction in early childhood education is a natural fit as the core concepts of STEAM - curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking—are also fundamental to early childhood programs like Head Start and Early Head Start. Thank you for bringing this phenomenal experience to our region; it has meaningfully impacted administrator perspective, educator strategies, as well as child experiences and outcomes in Region IV." (Read the full letter)

Myra Ingram
Executive Director
Region IV Head Start Association