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Investing in Impact Working Group

Over the past five years, a national conversation has sparked about the importance of early development and the role early learning programs play in preparing children for school and for life. While Head Start has fifty years of experience in this area, much of the attention is focused on what is innovative and different - or what seems so to those who are new to early childhood. An effective early learning system will likely include multiple program models to meet the varied needs of families, and Head Start has a specific and critical part to play in that larger system.

As conversations continue about the design of program models, the expectations for early education, and the measures of program impact, Head Start must be present and articulate about the expertise and experience it brings. To that end, the Investing in Impact Working Group has been formed to think critically about the role for Head Start in various early learning proposals, the means of measuring and demonstrating Head Start's impact, and how the program should evolve and grow in the context of a stronger national early learning system while remaining true to its core mission and values.

In the initial phase of its work, the Investing in Impact Working Group heard from national thought leaders and policy makers about their proposals and shared the central values and current implementation of Head Start. Moving forward, the group's work will take two approaches: coming up with a broad vision for what the most important impacts of Head Start are for both children and families and gathering examples and evidence from across the country of local impact research and data practices. The co-chairs and other group members will serve as participants in the larger national conversations, representing our best thinking and new ideas.


To Create Practical Policies, Include Practitioners in the Process

Working Group Members

Gayle Kelly and Robin Britt, Co-Chairs

Aaron Lieberman Biz Steinberg Blanca Enriquez Bruce Liggett Char Schank
Charlotte Brantley Cleofas Rodriguez, Jr. Damon Carson Dana Lundy Darin Preis
Duane Yoder Erick Vaughn Erin Trenbeath-Murray Jo Pepper Joan Christnot
Joel Ryan Jose Villarreal Kathy Cruse Khari Garvin Lori Pittman
Luz Flores Mancole Fedder Monica Ortiz Pam Kuechler Robin Bozek
Sonja Lennox Tonya Williams Vanessa Rich Henry Wilde Rebecca Soden
Icy Tekleselassie Karenne Berry Sandy Simar Scott Siegfried Jason Gortney
Marian Detelj Lauri Morrison-Frichtl Maureen McGrath Kerri Wortinger Deb Spring
Rick Mockler Yasmina Vinci Emmalie Dropkin Cody Kornack Lisa Stewart