Invite Your Members of Congress to Your Head Start Center

Inviting your members of Congress to visit Head Start is the most important way to ensure Head Start’s united voice is heard by decision-makers in Congress. These visits are an important way to show them the value of Head Start in your community and just how unique, innovative, and high-quality Head Start is. In addition, you can educate your members about Head Start’s comprehensive, two-generational, and community-based nature, which is paramount to our success and impact. By having a face-to-face encounter and making your Head Start program something they will remember, these visits help build relationships with elected officials who make big decisions about Head Start. With your participation, every member of the 116th Congress will know that Head Start makes a difference in all of America’s communities.

Here’s a quick guide to a successful visit:

Step 1:

Find out who your members of Congress are by entering your zip code here:

Step 2:

Find the contact information of your members’ schedulers by calling the Capitol Hill switchboard operator: (202) 224-3121. They will connect you to your members’ offices where you can simply ask, “Can you please provide me with the name and email address of your scheduler?” *You’ll need to do this three times for your two senators and one representative.

Step 3:

Download and personalize this invitation template with your program's specific details.

Step 4:

Send your invitation to all three schedulers for your members of Congress via email

What if they RSVP no? If your member of Congress is unable to visit in October, don’t lose hope! We recommend you extend the invite to one of their senior staff, or invite them to visit during a different month of the year.

Step 5:

Plan the program visit and activities that will leave a lasting, positive impression. Use our sample visit plan to get started!

What do we do? While your elected official is on-site, you can take them on a tour of the facility, have them read to the children, and hear from community partners.

Step 6:

Use this press advisory template to invite your local newspaper and TV stations to cover this special occasion. Be sure to personalize the advisory.

Step 7:

Email questions and more resources with you before your visit.

Step 8:

Thank your member of Congress and all who accompanied him or her. Use the “two Ps” to say thank you:

  1. Post pictures from the visit on social media and tag your members of Congress to thank them.
  2. Personally thank them using this letter template.