Building Relationships with Congress

Head Start programs are changing lives and making a difference in each and every Congressional district across the country. In order to maintain this success, programs need to maintain strong relationships with partners and decision-makers in each and every community - including our elected leaders. Find out how you can host a member of Congress and strengthen your relationships with Congress here.


Raising up Alumni and Parent Voices

A hallmark of NHSA’s advocacy work is our tireless pursuit to connect with the 33 million Head Start alumni who have graduated from the program since 1965. Through a national campaign to promote our Head Start Alumni Network we encourage Head Start graduates and parents to identify themselves and share their stories in powerful ways. From the White House to the halls of Congress, and in the media we amplify and raise up the voices of Head Start Alumni so the world can see the impact of having the Head Start advantage!

Congressional Testimony

NHSA and members of the Head Start community are often asked to testify and present in front of Congress. This testimony helps Congress understand the impacts of their decisions on Head Start and our community.


Sign-On Letters

NHSA partners with a variety of national advocacy groups to pursue legislative action that would positively affect the children and families Head Start serves. One of the ways these groups show Congress the extent of support for their position is by signing a coalition letter. Click to find the recent coalition letters onto which NHSA has signed.

Head Start's 50th Anniversary

Head Start's 50th Anniversary was a year full of celebration and advocacy. View the map to find news articles, events, alumni op-eds, and members of Congress who celebrated Head Start's 50th anniversary across the country!


Lost Opportunities Photo Exhibit

The Lost Opportunities photo exhibit, created in part with Curators Without Borders, offer visual insight into the crushing impact of the 2013 federally-mandated budget cuts on Head Start families. Each photo depicts a day in the life of rural, urban, tribal, and migrant Head Start programs and families in California, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, and South Dakota.

Head Start Town Hall Toolkit

Town Halls are a great opportunity to remind your member of Congress of the work you and your program are doing on behalf of the children and families in your community in most need of a Head Start.


Join the team!

To apply for an internship at the National Head Start Association, please review our open internships below and email a resume and cover letter to