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Communities of Practice are groups made up of your peers with the same occupational focus where you can seek advice, share resources, and engage with a network of your national colleagues.


Join "The Block"! An online community platform designed for our Communities of Practice to engage online. This NHSA member-only benefit is intended for Head Start program members staff & parents.

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Communities of Practice

You can visit each community by going to or simply sign up for the community/communities you are interested in joining and participate right from your inbox. You decide how you would like to engage and connect.


Head Start Directors

This community is for all Head Start program Directors. The purpose of this community is to serve as a forum where NHSA members can ask questions, share their experiences, and build new connections with a national group of colleagues. We look forward to great discussions and creating a dynamic learning experience. This interactive community will also serve as a platform for NHSA to disseminate resources, updates, and professional development opportunities.

Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Community of Practice serves as a forum that is open to individuals whose chief responsibility is financial management for Early Head Start or Head Start funded agencies, as well as others interested in the expanding their knowledge of grants and agreements and the general conduct of business.

Human Resources/Program Operations

The Human Resources Community of Practice is open to individuals whose chief responsibility is personnel recruitment, retention, and development, as well as others interested in the expanding their knowledge in Human Resources. We look forward to great discussions and creating a dynamic learning experience.

Data Management

This Community of Practice includes staff who focus on data analysis, reporting, research, outcomes, measurements of child and family progress; use of data for guidance and best practices for Head Start and Early Head Start agencies, and EHS-Child Care Partners.

Health & Wellness

This is for Head Start staff and others who focus their work on child and family health and wellness issues, including physical health, mental health, and nutrition issues. It is also for those who focus on child safety in a variety of settings.


This community includes Head Start staff who focus on issues related to eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance issues. These staff members have to pay close attention to family financial data, but also to fiscal issues and program rules that determine eligibility and availability of services. They also work on program priorities for selection and parent outreach for recruitment and enrollment.

Education & Child Development

This community includes Head Start teachers primarily with an emphasis on child developmental and learning practices, including evidence-based approaches. They also focus on issues related to child trauma and adverse childhood experiences.


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