Have you missed the Research Blast?

In its place NHSA is launching a new, updated newsletter to bring important research directly to your inbox. We're excited to introduce the first issue of Research within Reach.

Instead of coming to you once a month, Research within Reach will be time-sensitive, coming your way whenever relevant research is released. The newsletter starts simple and gets progressively more detailed, so if you only have a passing interest, just read the first section or two. If you're as interested in methodology and data analysis as our Research and Data staff members are, read through to the end!

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Research within Reach is only available to NHSA members, so make sure your NHSA website login information is up-to-date! We'll give you a sneak peak via e-mail, but to get to the detailed information, login is required. If you need help with your login, send an email to membership@nhsa.org. If you need help getting up and running, see our tutorial here.

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Read the full issues

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Research within Reach: Addressing Maternal Depression (Members Only)

Research within Reach: Intergenerational Impacts of Head Start (Members Only)

Research within Reach: Early Education and Foster Placement (Members Only)

Research within Reach: The Role of Cognitive Stimulation on Obesity (Members Only)

Research Within Reach: Asthma Education for Head Start Staff (Members Only)

Research Within Reach: Effects of Preschool Home Visiting on School Readiness (Members Only)