Research Projects

As the voice for the Head Start field, NHSA maintains a large database of leaders and staff at Head Start programs across the country. For researchers who are interested in surveying or connecting with the Head Start field as part of their work, there are three conditions to meet to get NHSA’s support:

The researcher’s organization must be a member of NHSA. (Researchers mostly fall under the “associate” membership category. Details can be found here.)NHSA must determine that the research will contribute significant value to the Head Start field based on a brief summary of the work.The researcher must agree to produce a one-page, practitioner-friendly summary of the findings to share back with the Head Start field once the work is complete. (NHSA reserves the right to recommend edits to make sure the summary is accessible to practitioners. NHSA will also help with a wide distribution of the summary.)

If you are a researcher interested in surveying or connecting with the Head Start field, please reach out to with a summary of your work to start the process.