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Knowledge Center
Center for Policy, Data, and Research
Curating knowledge, generating analyses, and strengthening dialogue


For fifty years, research and evaluation have documented Head Start's impact on school readiness, academic achievement, health, family stability, and long-term success.

As a nonprofit membership and advocacy organization, NHSA sees its role in research as:

  • Curating research and resources for various audiences
  • Translating peer-reviewed research for practitioner use
  • Facilitating partnerships between researchers and practitioners

Navigate the Center on Policy, Data, and Research to find top line research findings, research by topic, tools for Head Start staff to find and read research, resources for starting a research study and finding research partners, and more.

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Head Start Advantage Research Compendium

This compendium compiles summaries of several key studies that have been published in recent months that represent the best knowledge to date about Head Start’s effectiveness. These findings, including economic analyses, longitudinal studies, and secondary analyses, reveal positive cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes for children who participated in Head Start. View the compendium.




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