The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program provides funding to states for programs that seek to support low-income pregnant women and families with children birth to 5 to access the resources and develop the skills needed to raise a healthy child.  The program was first authorized in the Affordable Care Act (2010) for five years and a total of $1.5 billion, and was recently authorized for extended funding.  Currently, about 17 states use MIECHV funds to augment their Early Head Start - Home Visiting program.  


The Early Head Start - Home Visiting (EHS-HV) program is an evidence-based and research proven program that is supported by many leaders in the early childhood field, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics. After listening to our members’ concerns for the need to educate key state MIECHV decision makers on the need to include EHS-HV as a chosen MIECHV model in their state, NHSA developed marketing material that members could use to help facilitate positive conversations with stakeholders.  

EHS-HV Marketing Material

The marketing material was created in collaboration with and field tested by Head Start Executive Directors that voiced a concern in helping position Early Head Start as a chosen MIECHV model in their state.

The material underscores the positive health impacts that the program has on children, their families, and the community. Most importantly, it emphasizes the unique features of EHS-HV compared to other MIECHV models. In addition, it includes the robust research that has been conducted on the program, and highlights the positive benefits for both parents and children. The customized state specific page is tailored with the latest data to best display the information for your state. Finally, to help facilitate discussion when using the material with key state MIECHV decision makers or other stakeholders, we created talking points that help guide you through each page of the marketing material.

Materials include: Program Background, Model Comparison, Cited Facts, Case Study, State-specific Data, and Talking Points/User Guide



“There are a growing number of home visiting services in our area and the Minnesota Head Start Association wanted to make sure that the Early Head Start  Home Visiting program was well understood by the health professionals, policy makers, and key stakeholders in our state.  NHSA did an excellent job in designing evidence-based material that supports the value of Early Head Start.  These materials were well received by our programs and they are enthusiastic about using them to brief their Policy Council and when speaking with key decision makers in their community.  We value the partnership with NHSA and appreciate their dedication in creating this valuable material.”
- Gayle Kelly, Executive Director of the Minnesota Head Start Association