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Which to Attend
Two Great Leadership Experiences this Summer

Academy and Summit in Salt Lake City

NHSA is bringing the Managers and Directors Academy and the Early Childhood Innovation Summit to Salt Lake City the week of June 26. Both take place in adjacent hotels and attendees of each will share learning, networking, and social events. 

This is an excellent opportunity to bring your entire leadership team and divide and conquer!

But Which to Attend?

With two excellent events how can you decide which to attend? Bring your entire team and split it between the two! Here are some ways you can decide which event is most useful for your staff:

Attend the Academy if you want to...
  • Develop solid leadership skills for managers
  • Address morale issues 
  • Adapt to the new Performance Standards 
  • Discover how other programs are addressing challenges
Attend the Summit if you...
  • Have a great idea and want to implement it 
  • Need funding for an innovative idea 
  • Need a spark to generate new ideas 
  • Want exposure to new technologies in ECE

About the Events

2017 Manager and Director Academy

This annual event is geared to leadership teams and addresses a range of challenges that Head Start leaders face around vision, values, organizational process, morale, and communication. We will explore emerging issues such as the new Performance Standards, data use, and continuous quality improvement. 

2017 Early Childhood Innovation Summit

The Summit applies the process of innovation to Head Start, drawing on the disciplines of human centered design and technology, introducing speakers and resources from other industries and countries, studying the “bright spots” within early childhood, and pitching new ideas to funders.