Mind in the Making

Sharing the science of early learning

Turn Everyday Moments into Brain-Building Moments

These free brain development resources are designed to help parents take the stress out of challenging behaviors by turning them into opportunities to build life skills.

  • Vroom empowers parents and caregivers to play a proactive role in their children’s early brain development. Boosting children’s learning doesn’t require more time, money, or stuff. It is about making little changes in how we use our time. Vroom tips are more than fun and easy. They promote bonding and explain the science behind every activity, so caregivers can see how they can make a big difference in their children’s lives.
  • Skill-Building Book Tips helps turn storytime into skill-building time. These free, downloadable resources from Mind in the Making offer tips for building children’s life skills based on classic and diverse children’s books.
  • MITM Skill-Building Opportunities Library showcases 1-page guides for parents and professionals to help them turn common behavioral issues into opportunities to promote life skills in children.