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Monitoring Task Force

In early 2012, the Head Start community felt an urgent need to clearly define what makes a high quality program and to have a trusted system that would allow programs to demonstrate that they are of high quality. Without such a reliable system, Head Start was vulnerable to poor implementation of the Designation Renewal process and inability to effectively document outcomes and impacts. The Head Start Monitoring Task Force was formed to develop a proposal for a Head Start monitoring system that assures compliance and promotes excellence.

In the fall of 2012, the Task Force made formal recommendations to the Office of Head Start and shared them with the Head Start field. The recommended system included a focus on both compliance and excellence, with more effective tools for understanding and quickly addressing compliance issues and a national certification system for recognizing quality in a range of areas. In the fall of 2014, the new Aligned Monitoring System incorporated numerous compliance-related recommendations from the Task Force, and conversation continues about how best to highlight programs of excellence.

Task Force Members

Vanessa Rich and Blair Hyatt, Co-chairs

Phil Accord Denny Demers Manda Klein-Lopez Tim Nolan Esmirna Valencia
Jane Adams Emmalie Dropkin Gretchen Knowlton Michele Pino Yasmina Vinci
Jeffrey Capizanno Richard Fiene Pauline Koch Cleo Rodriguez, Jr. Danny Wells
Terry Casey Kay Floyd Therese Magnuson Joel Ryan  
Bill Castellanos Kathryn Helsel Tammy Mann Tommy Sheridan  
Gayle Cunningham Tameka Henry Anne Mitchell Sandy Simar