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My NHSA Introduction

My NHSA is the National Head Start Association community for members. My NHSA provides access to update your profile and view member only content on the website. In addition, people designated as the administrator for an organization can add or remove contacts, renew membership and pay for orders. We hope the following information will help you successfully navigate My NHSA and get the most out of your membership.


Log into My NHSA

When you arrive at the login screen, enter your My NHSA username (email) and password. Your username is the email address we have on record. If you do not remember your password, you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot your password?” below the Log In button.  


View your individual and organization member numbers

When NHSA transitioned to the new membership software, each person and each organization received a new membership number. You can find your membership number by clicking My Account and then from the Profile tab, choose Member Profile.
On the Member Profile tab you will see the membership number of your organization, and your individual membership number. Your membership card will display your individual membership number only. 


Update your profile

If your name is misspelled or you have changed a name or email address, you can update your record in My NHSA. 

  • Click on My Account in the main menu.
  • Your contact information appears.
  • You can update the information on the page as desired and click Save.
  • If you update your email address, it may be 24 hours before the email address for your My NHSA username (email) is updated. If you receive an error logging in, try your old email address.


Common login error messages

Incorrect Password: 

Your login attempt has failed. Make sure the username (email) and password are correct.

Either your password is incorrect, or we may have a different username (email) on record. This can also appear if we do not have your contact information listed in our system. First, click “Forgot your password?” to reset the password. Check the email account associated with your username for instructions on resetting your password. If you still can't log in, contact your administrator.

If you do not receive a copy of the reset email, check your spam box, or contact to verify the username (email) for your My NHSA account is correct. 


Access is disabled

Your access is disabled. Contact your site administrator.

This message appears when no active membership is found. Please contact your organization administrative contact to verify NHSA membership has been renewed. If membership has been renewed, please contact to verify your record has been updated properly.


Reset Password

When resetting your password, you will receive an email with a link that is very long. When you click on the link it will direct you to the Password Reset Page. Some email providers will not present the link in a way that allows you to click it and open the page automatically in the browser. If this happens, copy and paste the link to the Address bar of your browser, as shown below. If you paste it into the Search bar, you will not be able to access the page.

Please note the link in the email is for one time use only and it expires after 24 hours. If you use the link to reset your password and go back to click it again and reset your password, it will not work. You need to click the Forgot your password? link again. If you wait more than 24 hours after receiving the link, the process will not work. Again, return to the login screen and click Forgot your password?


Access Member Only Content on NHSA Website:

Access My NHSA from the Member Only notice page:

If you have not logged into My NHSA when you first visit the website, and you attempt to open a page that is designated for Members Only, you will receive the following notice:

If you receive this, click the words log in at the end of the first paragraph. The login screen for My NHSA will open:

Log in using your email address as the username and your My NHSA password. When you click Log in on this page, you will be logged into My NHSA and the page you were trying to access will appear in a second or two. You can now resume navigating through the website without having to log in again during your active browsing session. If you stay on a page longer than 30 minutes without moving to other sections, your session will timeout and you may need to log in again.

Access My NHSA from the website: 

When you first arrive at the NHSA website, you can log into My NHSA. Once you log in, you will be able to move freely between member only and open access content during your browsing session without disruption. If you close the browser, or discontinue browsing for more than 30 minutes, you will be timed out and will need to log in again.

To log into My NHSA, click on the My NHSA button in the upper right corner of any page.