Our Impact

As the only national nonprofit dedicated to supporting the transformational work of Head Start, the National Head Start Association is proud to make sure that policymakers at all levels hear the voices and understand the stories of staff, teachers, parents and alumni. NHSA is a compassionate, strategic leader through all the challenges and uncertainties that accompany continual change both the Head Start field and early learning community in general are experiencing.

NHSA’s work with and on behalf of the Head Start field has been far-reaching and varied since our founding in 1973. For example, in 2013, when sequestration cut 57,000 Head Start slots and threatened to remove even more children from their programs, NHSA worked tirelessly with Congress to ensure that all of Head Start’s funds were restored.  When the Federal Government was shut down in October 2013, we raised $4 million in emergency funding from philanthropists so that programs forced to close during the shutdown could continue serving their children and families.

In addition to our direct advocacy on Capitol Hill, NHSA engages Head Start alumni, parents, and champions across the country. We publish timely Op-Eds and articles, interviews and social media campaigns to help tell the Head Start story.

NHSA also produces a large volume of relevant material in support of the Head Start community, including weekly, biweekly, and monthly newsletters that cover the latest in federal and state public policy developments, effective practice, and research.

NHSA offers the most comprehensive professional development program focussed explicitly on Head Start and Early Head Start. Our national conferences, manager and director academy, and policy institutes provide training to more than 6,000 staff, parents and teachers.

37 Million Served

Over the last six decades, 37 million children have been served by Head Start. Their stories, testimony, and experiences are 37 million living proof points of Head Start’s impact.

Dollar per Child

The Dollar per Child campaign ensures the voices of the Head Start community are heard throughout Congress, in the White House, and at every level of government.

Alumni Network

The Head Start Alumni Network sustains Head Start’s legacy for children and families through national advocacy, local support, and meaningful professional connections.