Our Impact


Innovators and communicators, advocates and thinkers, health care heroes and teachers themselves—our alumni represent the vast and diverse fabric of America. When we speak with our alumni, many recall the warmth they felt from their Head Start teachers. Kind words that gave them comfort, or nutritious meals that felt like home. Some recount how the health screenings helped them with their dental or vision challenges, catching them early. For many, their Head Start imprinted a love of learning.

The Head Start Alumni Network sustains Head Start’s legacy for children and families through national advocacy, local support, and meaningful professional connections. The Network demonstrates Head Start’s proven model of success as well as its far-reaching and long-lasting impact.

37 Million Served

Over the last six decades, 37 million children have been served by Head Start. Their stories, testimony, and experiences are 37 million living proof points of Head Start’s impact.