Mind in the Making (MITM) shows what professionals, parents, and caregivers can do—starting today—to strengthen the critical executive function skills in children that help them manage their thoughts, actions, and emotions to achieve goals.

The Sleeve Up for Head Start campaign encourages members of the Head Start community to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine, identify and address vaccine hesitancy with empathy and cultural understanding, and share personal experiences around receiving the vaccine.

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Recognizing how Head Start uplifts our nation’s most vulnerable communities through unparalleled bold leadership.
Head Start was founded with the mission to empower marginalized Americans by partnering with families to prepare their children for success in school and life.
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Head Start plays an essential role in the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of children and families all across the country.

This initiative is designed to provide expanded opportunities for Head Start parents and families to learn, grow, and connect with other families.

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Everybody’s favorite jackalope is singing and dancing her way into Head Start/Early Head Start classrooms all across the country! Every Tuesday at 11:30 am ET, NHSA will be live streaming NHSA in the Classroom featuring engaging music and movement programming with Pinky.

Published in partnership with the HeadStarter Network and Bellwether Education Partners, "Broader, Deeper, Fairer: Five Strategies to Radically Expand the Talent Pool in Early Education" explores how early childhood educator preparation could be improved.
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Turning shared, everyday moments, into brain-building moments
The Head Start Language Playbook is designed to help Head Start staff have better, more effective conversations about our mission with the public.
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Gro More Good Garden Grants seek to bring the life-enhancing benefits of gardens to more Head Start children and families, increasing healthy food access and fostering a lifelong love of gardening.
It is time to invest in what is already working and expand Head Start’s capacity to treat children and families harmed by the opioid crisis.
The Data Design Initiative aims to bring down the barriers that are hindering programs' abilities to collect, analyze, and share data and other evidence.
NHSA is now offering a web-based instrument that measures parent experience and the impact of early childhood programs’ engagement efforts. This innovative tool aligns with the Office of Head Start’s Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework.
NHSA is excited to continue to support the Head Start community in forming successful, lasting partnerships with child care providers. EHS-CC Partnerships offer the best of both child care and Early Head Start: flexible hours, full-day services, and the highest standards.
The NHSA Quality Initiative: Head Start Performance Excellence and Quality Recognition program is the only program of its kind recognizing and supporting excellence and outstanding performance of Head Start programs across the nation.

Leading by Exemplar

In an effort to make these accessible to the entire whole Head Start field and to help us all learn from each other, NSHA is developing easily-digestible handouts with key takeaways from the Leading by Exemplar reports.